Local Experiences

The days can be full without leaving the Max Wadiya gates or straying far away.



Whale watching off the southern coast

You are likely to see a pod of rare blue whales, the largest creature that has ever lived on Earth. Sperm and humpback whales also mine these rich feeding grounds. 


Lagoon boat trip

Day trips include a fascinating boat ride through the lagoons and the river system of the southeast coast,


See old town Galle

Galle, with its old walled fort, boutique shops and array of restaurants, is a 40-minute drive. Its iconic lighthouse, atop dramatic 30-foot cliffs, is a Sri Lankan landmark 


Play cricket on the sand

Extra players, either from the staff or the neighbours, are always ready to bowl and bat. Indoor games are available for rainy-day distractions.


Visit a Buddhist temple

No trip to the region would be complete without experiencing the marvel of a buddhist temple. 

Explore Ambalangoda's fisher harbour

The small town two kilometers away, is a spectacle of activity in the early morning, bustling with brightly painted catamarans and trawlers bringing in the night’s catch. Farmers markets sell produce fresh from nearby fields.