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Turtle hatching Sri Lanka event
Sea Turtle Conservation

Max Wadiya has been engaged in turtle conservation since 2009. Fishermen sell us eggs they rescued overnight from the open beach, where they would otherwise be poached for the market. The eggs are reburied in the Wadiya’s secure grounds for the next 45-60 days. We release the hatchlings into the sea in the evening of the same day they hatch, when they are safe from birds of prey. In nearly a dozen years we have midwifed some 13,000 olive ridley and giant green turtles.


In nature, the survival rate is about one in 1,000. Many newborns are picked off before they can reach the water's edge, so we believe we are significantly increasing the chances of life for our hatchlings. These highly endangered creatures -- among the oldest species on earth -- reach sexual maturity in about 20 years. Incredibly, after navigating many oceans, females return to the beach where they were spawned to lay their eggs. It's likely some of the turtles now gifting us with their eggs probably were hatched themselves with the help of the Max Wadiya team.

Any guest fortunate to witness a hatching is welcome to participate in their release into the ocean. There can be few greater thrills of nature.

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