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Massage & Ayurvedic Treatments

Feel aches and tensions melt away under the fingers of a trained ayurvedic massage therapist.

An open-air pavilion by the pool offers a serene atmosphere and also privacy while you are treated to a full-body massage with ayurvedic oils, or a targeted treatment of an aching foot or shoulder, or the incredible luxury of a head and face massage.
The pavilion is equipped with two massage beds, a steam box and, behind a partition, a tub for a herbal flower bath. 
An hour’s treatment can leave you limp with pleasure and repose.
A 3 or 4-day wellness program can include a consultation with an ayurvedic doctor, daily massages, herbal facial treatments, yoga classes and a diet rich in herbs, spices and foods that have been proven safe and effective in a traditional kind of medicine thousands of years old.

Pressure Point Massage
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